Our Artists

Eckhart Soul would not exist without the fantastic artists and photographers that we work with. These are some of the artists that have helped shape our brand! 

Kizmet Gabriel



Kizmet Gabriel is a Toronto based artist and adventurer who’s current works explore manifestations of evolving ethereal future beings and electric extra dimensional realms through reactive illuminated mural installation.






Anser, created in early 2007, is an attempt to create a more publicly inclusive form of graffiti. Through the use of traditional graffiti mark making methods, "the face" was developed to engage a typically ignored public. The fact the face is done in a more traditional graffiti method, on the spot and usually in an illegal context, is about engaging with both the graffiti community, as well as the general public.



Timothy Fukakusa
Ekwal is a graffiti writer and graphic designer based out of Toronto Canada. He has been painting since 2001, and designing since 2008. His style is influenced by Anime, and Comic illustration. His work is bold as he sculpts every line to have maximum impact.



Billy Franklin
www.billyfranklin.com @billyfffboi
BIlly Franklin is an illustrator/graphic designer based out of Toronto, Canada. 






An Internationally renowned visual artist, MEDIAH is a trendsetter sparking new ideas and originality by blurring the lines between post-graffiti and dynamic abstraction. Blake’s work consists of weaving traditional street art forms with traditional painterly techniques and mixed media printmaking using many forms and approaches found in digital art and design. 

Nick Wons

Nick Wons is a Toronto based commercial and street photographer.




Adrian Vit


Adrian Vit is a professional photographer and filmmaker specializing in weddings, natural light, underwater, landscape and nightscapes.